50 Homemade Detox Drinks Recipes You Can Make at Home

Don’t deny, when you were a kid, you’d do anything to stay away from fruits and veggies, but now, you’re determined to do almost everything just to get them into your system. The most ideal way to do that is through drinking fruit and veggies.

Don’t take it wrong, we’re not telling you to go on and try a juice fast. Hence, we’re suggesting that you should try drinking these drinks regularly and experience its benefits.

Most of them are filled with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that wouldn’t only make feel good, but look good as well.┬áBest of all, they don’t always taste green, but the opposite. Here are some of the detox recipes that you could give a try.

50 Homemade Detox Drinks Recipes You Can Make at Home

Delicious Homemade Detox Drink Recipes

1. Green Detox Juice: Aside from being an effective weight loss juice, it could also strengthen the bones, as well as the immune system. It’s made with apple, basil, kale, lemon, celery, cucumber, coconut water, and ginger.

2. Strawberry Watermelon Detox Water: Watermelon removes the toxins from the kidneys and strawberries could boost your immunity. Add some lemon, and you’ll experience its detoxing effects on the liver. Mix them all together to come up with a tasty drink that’s addicting, but healthy.

3. Talbina: A drink that’s safe even for babies because it’s made with milk, honey, and barley flour. Aside from promoting better digestion and regulating the cholesterol levels, it is said that it’s a drink that could make a person feel happier and more relaxed.

4. Lemon-Spinach Smoothie: If you need a detox diet after consuming too much sugar, caffeine, or fat, this would be very ideal for you. It’s made with blueberries, lemon, apple, chili flakes, and spinach.

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