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12 Ways to Make Natural Homemade Body Wash

May 11, 2016 trustednatural 0

We want to practice a healthy living, but oftentimes, we neglect the essentials. Yes, we’re always reading the labels on the foods we eat, but do we also read the ingredients of our shower products? Most of the best body wash bottles have hard to read chemicals that we rather overlook at them. Likewise, if you want to get the [read more]

11 Foods That Help Reduce Cellulite Naturally

May 11, 2016 trustednatural 0

Cellulite is very common for women, but even men could experience this as well. In some cases, it could be genetic, the result of a hormonal imbalance, stress, environmental pollution, chronic smoking, and the toxins in your body. Nonetheless, studies show that the most common cause of this problem is usually a poor diet. Aside from cosmetic surgeries, there are [read more]

How to Get Rid of Cellulite Naturally

May 11, 2016 trustednatural 0

Cellulite, it’s every woman’s worst nightmare. Come on, who would want to have this unsightly mark that’s similar to a cottage cheese or orange peel in texture. For women with cellulite, whether they want it or not, wearing shorts is a no-no even during the summer because it could be embarrassing for them. How do women get this kind of [read more]